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At The Yard has Partnered With Blast Motion to bring cutting edge training technology to our clients. Blast Motion Baseball and Softball sensors are now in stock for purchase from At The Yard.

Blast is a dynamic Baseball swing analyzing sensor that attaches to bat knob and captures 10 different metrics to help understand each swing.

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Adaptive Slow-mo and Video Analysis

A baseball swing happens so fast that our eyes can't capture everything happening. Using the adaptive slow-mo software with Blast allows you to see everything happening and have data to understand how improve your swing

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Blast Motion Lessons

At The Yard offers two new styles of lessons to help incorporate Blast Motion into our services. We offer a more traditional lesson that focuses on using the swing data and video to better improve player's swings.

Secondly we offer online baseball lessons. The lesson works by players sending their data and videos to At The Yard and one our Instructors will review the data and send back a in-depth break down of the player's swing and custom plan to improve the player's swing

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